OCTOBER 2018: A weekend of events with Jessica Gordon-Nembhart

Details TBA and posted later in 2018.


The 2017-2018 “C-School” (Cooperative School) our

Think Outside the Boss Workshop Series!


SESSION 2: Saturday October 21 2017 from 10 AM to 2 PM

     At the Carnegie Library at 7101 Hamilton Avenue in Homewood, Pittsburgh 15208

  • What are the legal, financial, and operational issues? How are decisions made efficiently?
  • Facilitators are Pittsburgh people who work in cooperatives.
  • Come if you want to develop your cooperative business, hear more, and find out how you can help the cooperative movement for all Pittsburghers, if you’re exploring converting to or starting a cooperative, or if you’re just curious!

our only cost is your time and effort.

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SESSION 1: Saturday September 23, 2017 from 10 AM to 12 PM

The Shop at 621 North Dallas Avenue


SESSION 2: Saturday October 21, 2017 from 10 AM to 2 PM

     The Homewood Library at 7101 Hamilton Avenue Pittsburgh 15208

  • What’s different about cooperatives? How do you start one?
  • How does a for-profit business operate democratically?
  • Get started putting the nuts and bolts together!



MORE  Cooperative Development Resources

Bosses: All-day dictators? Really?!   When you think about it, there’s something to that.

Cooperatives operate in every business sector, from agriculture to zymurgy! DIG RIGHT IN.

This is an all-in-one guide to starting or converting to a cooperative business. Or contact us about our technical assistance for new and converted cooperatives.

Learn about cooperative business by playing “Co-opoly”!   It’s a board game designed similarly to Monopoly but you and your fellow players are members of a cooperative business. It shows you through experience how co-ops work, and and entertains players along the way, too. Let us know if you would like us to organize a game session with your friends or group. Come to the next game night / networking event!

We are a part of the region’s cooperative economics scene at Cooperate PGH. Their site is an important resource for cooperation and collaboration among cooperative businesses. Check out their directory …  and  learning resources…

The PCOC is a member of the New Economy Coalition. There are many learning resources and opportunities to meet other people in the cooperative economy here.

New! the Internet of Ownership, a resource for cooperatives.

Kids! Get your Cooperatives Coloring Book!

HERE’S A PAGE for cooperative development resources to really dig in!


Income inequality is a nagging problem. Baby Boomers will be retiring in increasing numbers in the next two decades, and are starting already. Many of these retirees will be trying to figure out what to do with their business, and would like to leave a positive legacy in the business world. Is employee ownership the right succession strategy that benefits workers and better creates wealth for them? Would a conversion to a cooperative make sense? The  Century Foundation researches complex issues in the economy. This is a pretty good piece on the issues and challenges of this opportunity.

What if Uber, Task Rabbit, and Amazon were member-owned and member-governed? There are some in the works! Introducing “platform” cooperativism.

A new Denver taxi company brings a viable service and a defiant stand to the market bullies.
In the bitter feud between tech firms and the taxi industry, drivers fight back with a killer app of their own: cooperative ownership.

Are “jobs” and top-down “entrepreneurship” as we have come to know them natural? That is, is it how we as people have adapted to best use our abilities and social skills? We are wired to collaborate in more level organizations. We are also born into a life that is naturally multi-disciplinary. Sure, it can’t be always 100% horizontal organization, but… that’s something to think about... MORE….

Own the Change“, an overview of cooperatives as a solution that offers inclusive and equitable economic development.


Cooperatives are a significant part of African American culture past and present. Here is Dr. Jessica Gordon Nembhard, author of Collective Courage, in a lively and insightful discussion on the history and future of cooperatives in African American culture and economic development.


Shift Change” on worker-owned businesses around the US!

SHIFT CHANGE – 2012 [preview] from the producers Melissa Young and Mark Dworkin.

“Capitalish” a film featuring four worker cooperatives (one of which is a child care coop!), and  was created for the Philadelphia Area Cooperative Alliance by Haverford College Interdisciplinary Documentary Media Fellows (IDMF) Anna Bullard, Nick Gandolfo-Lucia, Sarah Moses, and David Roza. More…


Check out the Damayan Cooperative! Why can’t a cooperative be made up of disadvantaged people in trades that would be low-paying in a conventional business model? No reason at all. What a story!


Go Co-op! The Cooperative Business Model from the National Cooperative Business Association


Have a beer! Maybe own a brewery?



Where would all this go if someone has a good idea, gets together and works it with co-owners and their fellow cooperative members? In the early 1940’s a little crafts cooperative started up in a church basement, and is now a $12 billion, 70,000+ member cooperative in several industries!

More on the Mondragon Cooperatives…


What about Pittsburgh’s history with cooperatives? THERE’S A LOT!

The Pittsburgh Manufacturers Association, the Pittsburgh Cooperative Foundry, and the Noble Order of the Knights of Labor, which organized workers’ unions and cooperative businesses comprised of men and women of all races.