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News and Events for March 2020

We still plan to hold our March events, as they are usually in smaller groups. With the health of everyone a top consideration, however, if the situation changes, we will notify you on our website, social media, and also directly contact confirmed attendees.

More information for your reference on managing your work and life in the covid-19 situation is at the bottom. Thanks for reading, and stay healthy!

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ZAFARON AFGHAN CUISINE COOPERATIVE is open for business! We’ve been coaching five Afghan refugee women on starting up a cooperative business in catering. Our work included guidance in incorporation, the cooperative operating agreement, a member agreement, policy documents, non-hierarchical decision making, and setting up simplified financial tracking and projection documents. Wish them luck and contact them if you would like delicious food for events or family gatherings. They’re making news already!

See them at Khūrākī, the story of their journey from Afghanistan to Pittsburgh, with actors playing each of the women, but real Afghan food cooked and served by the women of Zafaron! Produced by Realtime Interventions, the experience runs from March 12th to the 15th. Zafaron will be in business in earnest after that!

PITTSBURGH TASK FORCE ON EMPLOYEE OWNERSHIP FORMED TO INCREASE WORKER-OWNERS IN PITTSBURGH! Co-Chaired by City Councilperson Erika Strassburger and the Pennsylvania Center for Employee Ownership. Ron Gaydos is a part of this task force made up of employee-owned business, business development agency, government, and technical assistance organization representatives. The goals of the task force – and close to accomplishment – are identifying businesses where employee ownership is a good fit, a messaging strategy for businesses and employees, a technical assistance toolkit interested companies can use to proceed that includes technical assistance resources, developing financial models to make conversion to employee ownership feasible, and legislation to promote and enable employee ownership. More here.  


"RAPID PROTOTYPING DECISIONS" for Non-hierarchical Decision Making and …introducing the Cooperative Opportunity Guild in Hazelwood March 31st from 6-8.


WE OFFER TRAINING AND COACHING for cooperatives in governance and decision-making techniques, co-op business planning, and converting to cooperatives for those business owners pivoting their careers or getting ready for retirement. Contact us for a free initial consultation!


Now, some information on how we can all help our communities manage the covid-19 outbreak and keep the impact to a minimum:

Be informed: There will be a lot of conflicting information during this outbreak. Follow any directives or recommendations from the following sources: 




Things to note:
Stay home if you are sick! 
You can communicate through email if you need to be at work meetings or events. 

Practice self-care and other mental health wellness! Check out this resource from the CDC 
And use this resource in times of distress:

WASH YOUR HANDS!  Even without an outbreak, you should always wash your hands. Check out this article on ways to greet people without shaking hands.



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